My Diary

First Week of January 1998


I went to the doctor Tuesday because I now had lumps starting about an inch below the crook of my elbow on the left arm, all the way to my arm pit. I discovered Monday night that I had additional lumps on my right arm. Starting about 2" below the crook of my arm and going half way up inside my arm up to my arm pit.

Finally, he agreed to send me to a specialist. I could not get in until January 15th. Wednesday morning I discovered additional lumps in the right arm. They now extended all the way up to my arm pit. I was in terrible pain. You couldn't even lightly touch the lumps or it caused me excruciating pain. When I got to work I called the specialist to see if he could get me in sooner. They moved it up to the 13th. I then went to my boss to apprise her of the situation. She freaked. She called the specialist and demanded that I get in there that day. They agreed to see me that day.

About an hour after my boss got off the phone with the specialist, Dr. Fillingames office called and said they had canceled my appointment. They did not think that I needed to get in any sooner. I was floored. Tumors were popping up hourly practically and growing at such a rapid rate that you could almost see them grow. I argued with him for a while and then I got my boss. In the end he said he would call me back. He finally did call back at 2:30pm for my 2:45pm appointment.

The specialist he referred me to was Dr. Teal, a plastic surgeon. I went at 2:45pm. He poked and prodded and felt all the lumps. In the end he stated that he did not know what was wrong with me. He said that he had never seen anything like this before. He didn't know what was causing it or what it was. He said he would call Dr. Fillingame and tell him to refer me to the Medical College in Portland. He said they should be able to help me or at least will know what it is. So, that was supposed to be my next step in all of this.

Wednesday night when I went to bed I discovered 2 huge ones in my breast. About 3" long and a 1/2" wide. Then the next morning when I got up I discovered more lumps from my breast around my side on to my back. I called my doctor about going to the Medical College. He refused to refer me. Finally he decided he would send me to a dermatologist, but said he'd try to get me in within the next 2 weeks. I guess I raised enough cain because he called back and got me in at 3:15 that day. In the meantime I had called my Uncle and he got me into another specialist at 4:15.

So I went to both of them. The first one said they were Lipomas, or fatty tissue tumors. She will operate on me on Thursday January 14th and remove most of two of them and biopsy them. The second doctor said they were probably Lipomas, but they could be a swollen inflamed blood vessel on both arms which has caused Fleabitus (I know that is not spelled right). She ordered an Ultrasound to see if it is blood vessels. She was not convinced it is Lipomas because some things don't fit. She was not sure because of the speed that they are increasing. She says it usually takes months for them to get that way. So, I guess it is still a wait and see thing, but at least I am getting some results and someone is willing to help me. But, if the ultrasound didn't show blood vessels, then she wanted me to keep the scheduled operation with the other doctor. The lumps in my breast I guess they are going to leave. Neither of them really said much about them. I will ask again while she is doing the surgery. Or maybe I should keep my mouth shut so that she can concentrate better. Hum... guess I just play it by ear. I'm for sure going to show her the new lumps though. I think it is important that she is aware of them. Lord knows how big they will be by Thursday.

Needless to say, I have spent a very scared last few days. I mean every 8 hours I have more lumps. It is very scary. I said a lot of prayers that it was not cancer and each and every doctor says it is not, so I am convinced now that it is not. Phew!!!!!

There was good news Friday. I got a call from the 2nd Doctor's office and they scheduled for the ultra-sound that day. I went in about 1:45 for it. The doctor ordered an Ultra-sound not just on the lumps. She had the lady start at my neck and work her way down my shoulder to may arms and ending at the big lumps, on both sides of my arm. It was rather fun and very interesting getting to watch the screen as she did it. It was quite painful in places, but for the most part it was not bad at all. When she was done she took the info into the Radiologist. He looked it over and I do not have swollen or clotted veins. It looks like it is just Lipomas. So they will removed on Thursday.

At first I was not relieved that it was not Blood Clots. However, after speaking to the lady who did the Ultra-sound, I'm actually more relieved that they were not Blood Clots. She told me that if a person starts getting blood clots that they will be prone to them. She said they are very dangerous because one can break lose and get in your heart, lungs or Brain and that would kill you instantly. So, I guess I can breathe another sigh of relief over that too. Also, the lady who did the test and the radiologist said it was not cancer either.

A lot of people have suggested an allergy. I don't think it is medication since I've been taking that for quite some time. I haven't changed anything at all in my life. Everything is the same. The major lumps have been there, one since September and the other starting 2 weeks after that and have been steadily growing. The only thing different is that I took a coat out of the closet that had been hanging there for a year. It was still in the plastic that it came in from the dry cleaners. Now... maybe I'm stretching this or it is wishful thinking or something, but it seems that the lumps started increasing after I wore the coat. New ones every day. This weekend I did not wear the coat. I did not get any new lumps and the latest ones stayed the same. Then Monday I wore the coat again. The lump on my left arm has now spread way up. I noticed it yesterday evening. It actually got bigger during the day. I also noticed a new one in the crook of my left arm yesterday morning. By afternoon it was about 1/2 again the size it was. I'm not convinced it is Lipoma. It should not be doing that. I don't know if an allergy would act this way though. I mean... would an allergy cause such awful pain.

So, I don't know if I am just thinking that it started when I started wearing the coat or if it actually did. It's kind of hard to think back that far. I kind of wonder if I'm wanting to find a cure so badly that I'm just fitting things together to make it seem that way. You see what I mean? kind of like in a murder case, the cops rush to judgment too quickly before having all the facts and just wanting to arrest someone that they make a case out of nothing or erroneous things that are there. I'm wondering if I'm just thinking subconsciously that this all started then because I want to be cured so badly. Boy, that was a mouthful. Hehehehe.

I noticed a new one in the crook of my left arm Monday morning. By afternoon it was about 3 times bigger than it was in the morning.


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