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1-14-1998 thru 1-18-1998


January 14, 1998

I stopped taking my pain medication Monday. Ugh!!! I could not take any of my medications because it would thin my blood too much and Dr. Baird, the dermatologist was worried about excess bleeding during the operation. Yesterday the pain was tolerable. I imagine that I still had some of the mediation in my system. Today it is bad. I wonder what it is going to be like by Thursday. Still don't know if I can bear to watch her take the lump out though. I am very curious though about the whole procedure. I think I know myself well enough that I will steal at least one tiny peek. Hehehehe

I will for sure get another doctor after this is all over. I'm so angry at Dr. Fillingame I can hardly see straight. I guess doctors just have this God syndrome or something. I was afraid to really put my foot down because then he wouldn't want to treat me. But, it finally got so bad I had to do something. Now I'm glad that I did.

Rick would sure like to give Dr. Fillingame a kick in the A%&. He has been ranting and raving about him for a long time now. I just kept believing in him, but once they started multiplying and I kept begging him for a biopsy and he wouldn't do it... then I lost my confidence in him. I just don't understand why he did this. Personally I think it was beyond his expertise and he just didn't want to admit it. After all, doctors or at least some of them, think they are Gods or something. :)

I've missed quite a bit of work. State compensation has paid 16 hours of it and I've managed to earn a tad bit of sick pay time for some of it, but I'd say about 60 or more percent of it has not been paid. I didn't put the lumps on the State comp claim because the doctors all seem to think it is not related. Hopefully once the biopsy is done, they will have a better idea. If it is caused from working, then I'll have to go back on State comp and try to get reimbursed for some of it.


A Message Rick sent out to everyone after my surgery.

Pam made it through surgery fine. Took an hour and a half instead of 45 min. It was lipoma tumors. Dr. removed the huge one on the left arm and the brand new one on the right. They will be bioposied. She didn't hurt during it but almost passed out. She said to tell you that she didn't even look once as it was being done. She took her pain pills and is in bed. Not sure if she's asleep or not. She said to thank every one for there concern and thoughts and prayers and everything and to tell you that i was there the whole time holding her hand and telling her to not move and it helped her a whole lot. she should be back to work Mon. and she said she would try to write you all then. She told me how to send this so everyone won't see everyone elses addresses. I hope i did it right.


A message from me on Monday, January 17th.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to drop you all a line and let you know I am doing really quite good. There is very minimal pain. The whole experience was pretty scary though. The first 24 hours I slept almost continually. I would sleep 12 hours wake up for a couple and then back to sleep for another 12.

On Friday when I woke up I was in terrible pain. I called the doctor and she was out, however the receptionist left a message for the other doctor. He called me back and after asking a few questions he agreed to phone in a prescription for pain medication, Vicodin. He also gave me his personal pager number so that if the pain was still as bad the next day I could call him and he would come in and check me. It took about 3 hours for the pill to take effect fully, but it did and I was able to go back to sleep.

Saturday I still hurt some, but not near as bad. Sunday and today I have been able to control the pain with just aspirin and Ibuprofen. My right arm looks great. My left arm is terribly red and bruised, but it is getting better. :)

The doctor removed the first lump I got, the biggest one on my left arm. Then she removed a brand new one that showed up on Wednesday on my right arm. This one was not big around, but encompassed a lot of area. She opted to do this since she felt it would give her the best idea of what was going on, by biopsying the first and the last lumps. I do not know when the results will be back on the Biopsy, but I will let you all know when I hear. She is fairly certain the the lumps are Angio Lipomas or fatty tissue tumors with blood going through them and their is no real danger in them other than them causing me pain.

I worked today, but didn't do a lot. I'm terribly tired since I spent so much time not sleeping or eating before surgery. So after eating I plan on hitting the bed for a good nights sleep. I can't type a lot because it hurts, so I will end here.

I apologize for this not being a personal letter to all, but I do hope that you understand. I will try to answer some of your more personal messages tomorrow if at all possible. I want to thank each and every one of you again for all your caring, thoughts, prayers and cards. It truly meant a whole lot to me to know that I have so many friends out there that care for me so much.

God Bless you All,

Pam (AKA Nunnie)


Tuesday, January 18, 1998

Today I hurt quite badly. I almost went home. I think that I may have gone to work too soon. But I stuck it out. By the time I got home and could put my arms up and rest them, the Nuprin took hold and I didn't need to take a pain pill. The pain pills did work for me the day I needed them though.


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