Donkey Mails has been around forever.  Well, not forever, but they have been going since 2005 and have been PAYING their members promptly all that time.  They are trustworthy and reliable and you can be assured that with their exceptional reputation they will be around and PAYING for one heck of a lot more years to come.  Oh... and did I mention that they are also VERY responsive to E:Mails?

They pay VIA Liberty Reserve, OK Pay, Perfect Money, Alert Pay, PayPal and Solid Trust Pay. Liberty Reserve, OK Pay and Perfect Money are No Minimum and Alert Pay and PayPal are at $1.00.   Solid Trust Pay is a $2.50 minimum.  They pay every 2 weeks.

Donkey Mails has tons of ways to earn besides just the regular read E:Mails.
  • Paid to Read E:Mails - ALL E:Mails 1/4 Cent and above
  • Paid to Promote - 50 Cents per 1000
  • Paid to Manual Surf - Get Credits and Random Cash Prizes up to $25.00
  • Earn extra money playing games
  • High Rewarding USA/Search Country Signup Offers!
  • Get Paid for Clicking on Banners and Text Links
  • Get Paid for sign-ups
  • Get Paid to Complete Tasks with Their Tool bar
  • Get Paid to Review Sites
  • Get Paid to Complete Surveys
  • Get Paid to Shop
  • Donkey Lotto
  • Donkey Raffle

You can also earn Points for clicking on Banners and Text Links.  Points can not be redeemed or converted to Cash.  However, you can redeem your points for advertising.

Donkey Mails has 5 Levels of Referrals.  10% - 1st level referrals, 5% - 2nd level, 3% - 3rd level, 2% - 4th level and 1% - 5th level.  Only 10% activity required for Referral earnings!

Members from all countries may join.  The welcome all international members.

All in All, Donkey Mails is one rock solid program.  It truly is a MUST to join if you are trying to earn money on the Internet.  You may not earn as much here as you can at some of the other programs, but it does provide you with a steady, guaranteed income each month.

If you would like to join Donkey Mails Click the Button Below.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to E:Mail me.

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