Jills Click Corner is a FAST EARNING site that pays and pays promptly.  You can EASILY REACH PAY OUT IN 1-2 DAYS!!!!  Of all my PTC sites this one is my favorite because it is so easy to earn and reach pay out in a very short period of time.  It seems like I no more than request pay out and a couple days later I'm at pay out again.

The wife of the owner of Donkey Mails owns this site.  They also own My Free Shares which I have been getting paid by for years and years.  And if you are familiar with No Minimum, Planet Traffic, Get Paid Mail and YuRoMail... well... they own them too and they also have an excellent reputation of paying.  I know that I sure can't complain as I've been getting paid by them for years.  Jills Click Corner started a little later than Donkey Mails.  They started in 2006.

As with most PTC's you earn cash by clicking on banners and text ads.  You do NOT get E:Mails so your In Box won't get filled up.  There are Cash and Game Token clicks.  You can trade your Game Token earnings for Jackpot Entries, UPGRADES and even a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.

You can also earn in their Pay to Sign Up section.  I believe they have the LARGEST Paid to Sign Up section of any program out there.    And I do mean LARGE!  There are 116 Pages of offers with roughly 20 offers per page.  That is a total of 2,320 offers.

The highest I have found so far pays $2.00 and 20 Daily Jackpot Tickets and 20 Yearly Jackpot Tickets!  Many, Many pay $0.50 and 1 Weekly Super Jackpot Ticket, 4 Daily Jackpot Tickets and 4 Yearly Jackpot Tickets!  You can earn over $1.500.00 if you did them all.  New offers are added daily.  There is a Daily Jackpot that you can win by doing these.

Jills Click Corner has contests running ALL the time.  Each month they have a Referral Contest where you can win $100.  They also have a monthly Click Contest for both the US and Other countries as well as a monthly Paid to Sign Up Contest where you can win various CASH prizes.

There are several games that you can play to try and earn great prizes.  The games are Bloons 1, Santa Game, Spin The Wheel, Slot Machine and Astro Blitz.  I personally have not played any of them so I can't tell you how good your odds are.

Jills Click Corner has one heck of a lot of Pay Out methods.  Something for Everyone.  Alert Pay - $1.01 Minimum.  Liberty Reserve - 10 Cent Minimum.  OK Pay - 10 Cent Minimum.  PayPal - $1.00 Minimum.  Route Pay - 10 Cent Minimum.  Solid Trust Pay - $2.50 Minimum.  I have been getting paid by PayPal and that is always fast.  But I've never tried any of the others so don't know how quick they pay on those.

There is 1 Level of Referrals.  You get 10% of your referral earnings.  And what is really great about it is that you do NOT have to be active to earn from your referral earnings.

Members from ALL countries can join.  So if you are not in the US... don't worry about it.  You can get in on the great earnings as well.

If you would like to join Jills Click Corner Click the Button Below.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to E:Mail me.

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