My Free Shares is another of the programs that I joined way back in 2004.   And it is another program that has paid me consistently for all of these years.  I've always been paid promptly and have never had a problem with them at all.  I LOVE this program because it truly requires little or no effort at all on your part and you still earn money EVERY SOLITARY DAY whether you do anything or not!

My Free Shares works quite a bit differently than most programs and you don't have to hardly do a thing to be paid for the most part.  Allow me to explain how it works.  You get paid daily based on the revenue that My Free Shares generates.  You get a percentage of what they bring in.  Like any business, some days they get a lot and some days they don't.

In order to get paid you need to earn shares.  You earn shares by:

  • Clicking on links under the "Share Per Click" link.  You are awarded a part of a share per click.

  • Joining programs which can be found under the "Share Free Signup" Link.  You earn 1 share and 1 Cent for each of these that you do.  These are completely free to join or signup to.

  • Signing up for programs that cost or for upgrading a membership.  You earn cash and shares for these.

  • Purchasing advertising [2 shares per $1.00 spent].

  • Taking free offers, signing up at free sites.  You will be paid $0.05 to $0.15 for every offer you complete.  There are about 200-300 offers available for each member so you can earn up to $60 in few days!!

Referrals work a bit differently than other programs as well.  You get 1 share per referral.  However, you earn 1 share per $1 your referrals spend on advertising.  There are also 4 programs that your referral can join.  If they join these you can earn 15 Cents to $10.00.  In addition you are given an advertising page link.  If someone purchases advertising from your link you will receive 1 share per $1 as well.  Members from ALL countries are accepted.

You can Cash Out at $10.00.  They pay via Liberty Reserve, PayPal and Alert Pay.  The one thing that I could say is a bit of a negative is that when you cash out they take 3 shares per dollar they pay you.  But in the grand scheme of things it is not really that big of a deal and My Free Shares is still worth joining.

To give you an idea how much money you can earn by doing nothing is this.  Right before I got Cancer and had to quit working my programs I had cashed out.  I had all of 15 shares in my account at that time.  I then took a year off from my programs.  When I came back and checked my stats I had $8.00+ in my account.  How's that for earning money for doing nothing?

If you would like to join My Free Shares Click the Button Below.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to E:Mail me.

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