Are you sick and tired of working programs on line just to NOT get paid or have them remove you right when you reach pay out or have them just up and disappear?  If you are, then you have come to the right place.  The programs that I list here are not many, but they have been paying me for years and years and years.  They are reliable and trustworthy and you WILL get PAID!

My name is Nunnie and I have been doing paid programs since 2002... about when they first hit the internet. Throughout the years you can bet I have gotten my share of bad programs.  Like many of you I'm sure... I've not been paid or have had the program just not be there one day.   It is pretty darn frustrating to say the least.

Now I don't belong to a whole lot of programs, but the programs I belong to I KNOW will pay me as they have for years now.   In 2006 I had to take a break from working my programs as I had to take care of my invalid Grandmother.  Just when I thought I could get back into working my programs again I was diagnosed with Cancer and it was another year before I could get back into the swing of things.   But I'm back and working my little fingers off earning some pretty darn good money once again.   Happily my favorite programs are still here and still paying me right on time as always!

For the programs listed below I have given you a description of the program and the opportunities they offer to earn you money.  I've also listed my paying history with them and any other information that I think you might like to know about them in order to help you in deciding if you would like to join them or not.

Let's get started now on to the good stuff... THE PROGRAMS!!!!
Click below on the name of the program you would like to check out.

Cashed out TONS of Times
Been Paying Since 2005
Cashed out Numerous Times
Been Paying me since 2004
Easy to EARN here
19 Cashouts in 3 months
$25.00 each time - Total - $180.00
Lots of Ways to Earn - Low Payout
Been Paying Since 2009
Been Paying me since 2002
Payments within Hours

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