Quick Rewards is one of the first programs I joined way back in 2002 and I am mighty glad that I did.  I have earned one heck of a lot of money there each and every month.  They are VERY responsive to support E:Mails and paying when you request pay Out.   Most of the time it is within hours for both.  Though one time I was paid in less than 30 minutes.  The longest I ever waited was around 18 hours and that was when I requested on Christmas Day.   You couldn't ask for anything better than this now can you?  They also have NO MINIMUM pay Out!!

With very little effort you can easily earn well over $30.00 a month.   As I'm quite busy in my personal life I don't work this program as much as I could and I am earning one heck of a lot.  In the 30 day period shown in the screen shot below I earned $31.47.  Since the screen shot was taken I received $33.32 on November 29, 2011 and $5.04 on December 1, 2011.  They constantly add new things all the time and have Bonus periods where the things you normally do are increased.  See below a screen shot of my PayPal account.

The ways you can earn money at Quick Rewards seems to be endless.   Most pay at least half a cent.   Many pay 1 Cent.  Surveys pay as high as over $1.00.  Others are even higher if you want to do them.  I do a lot of them and it really boosts my earnings.  Below is a list of the various types of things you can do to earn money.

  • Play Games
  • Read E:Mails
  • Watch Videos
  • Answer Trivia
  • Visit Web Sites
  • Complete Surveys
  • Sign Up For Things
  • Get Insurance Quotes
  • Sign Up For Newsletters
  • Like Web Sites On Face Book
  • Print Coupons - 1 Cent For Each Of These
  • Download and Install Software - A LOT Of Free Games
  • Shop - They Pay The Highest % Of All My Programs For This
  • Post To Their Blog - 1 Person a Month Wins $5.00 - 20 Win $1.00
  • Submit Trivia Questions - You Get 2 Cents For Each Question They Use
  • Attempt A Survey - 1 Cent Each For These Right Now - I Make About 12 Cents A Day On This
  • Complete Tasks - These pay A LOT!  Wish I Had More Time To Do These.  I'd be making $50.00 a Month

A Little More Info For Ya

They accept members only from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Members from the same household can join and you can share your earnings.

Payment VIA PayPal, On Line and In Store Gift Certificates and More.

REFERRALS:  They are actually thinking of changing the referral program soon (for the better).  Right now it's 5% for members that complete surveys or shopping or sign ups.  Soon it will be everything you do like clicks and so on.

If you would like to join Quick Rewards Click the Button Below.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to E:Mail me.

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