In my opinion ZUBEES are the BEST THING TO HAPPEN to the Traffic Exchanges EVER!!!

With VERY LITTLE EFFORT you can earn $10.00-$12.00 or MORE monthly in an hour a day or so.

ZUBEES are a fun fast easy way to earn money on the internet.

They are little coins that you collect visiting web sites or surfing.

There are 3 ZUBEE types [Silver, Gold and Diamond] that can find visting or sufing traffic exchanges.


If you have been collecting CTP [Click Track Profit] badges... it is a lot like that.

You trade your ZUBEES in for CASH, Zubee Bonuses and CTP XP.


If you are not a Member of ZubeeZone Click HERE and start collecting and earning!


Here is a short Zubee Tutorial for you that explains Zubees more in depth.

What are Zubees?  Zubees are little coins that you collect while you are surfing.   The sites you surf determine the number of pages you have to surf in order to earn your Zubee.   When you reach that number of pages a page will show up with a link where you can claim your Zubee Coin.   It is much like the pages that show up to play the VTG - Viral Traffic Games, Click Track Profit pages or the AdOne Ten pages.

I am sure that you have seen the pages that show the Silver, Gold and Diamond coins while you have been surfing the Traffic Exchanges.   They usually ALL look alike and clearly state that you need to click on them in order to claim your coin.   Again... Just like you have to click in order to claim your VTG game, your Click Track Profit badge and the AdOne badge.

There are 3 different Zubee Coins that you can collect.   They are Silver, Gold and Diamond.   You can only claim ONE coin of each type per DAY on EACH SITE.   Most sites offer the Gold Coin in addition to the Silver coin.   But a lot of sites do not offer the Diamond.   Some sites require that you make a purchase or upgrade in order to get the Gold or Diamond coins.   Most sites do offer the Gold coin for surfing, but then you need to upgrade or make a purchase for the Diamond.

The coins are worth different amounts.   The Silver is worth 125 Zubees.   The Gold is worth 250 Zubees.   The Diamond is worth 1000 Zubees.   This is the base amount.   However you get bonus percentages every day.   This means that your coins are worth more than the base amount.   Most of these bonuses last for 3 days so they can build up quickly.

In addition, each day there is a Bonus site listed on the Zubee Zone page.   The bonus is worth 15%.   So if you claim a Silver coin that is worth 125 Zubees you will get 144 Zubees.   Right now I am at an 89% bonus so my Silver Zubee gives me 111 more Zubees.   The Bonus Site of the Day is listed on the right hand side of the page under the 3 featured sites.   It doesn't stand out real well so you'll have to look for it.   But once you get used to where it is on the page you can find it easily.

The value of the Zubees changes every so often during the month, much like the price of gas.   Only the price of gas goes up and the price that you get for cashing out your Zubees for cash goes up or down.

There are a few sites out there where the Zubee claim page is NOT found while surfing.   SeaStar Hits is one of them.   Once you reach the required number of pages you can go to the home page and you will find the link to get your Zubees there.   Another one is Traffic Swirl.   So don't think that you missed it while surfing for those sites because they are found on the home page.

On my site I list the number of pages you have to surf in order to get the Zubees.   The number of sites is not always EXACT.   For instance... It may say page 50.   You may surf and find it on page 45 or page 50.   I usually start paying REAL CLOSE ATTENTION to the pages that I am surfing when I get about 10 pages from where the Claim page is supposed to be.

At the present time I am slowly, but surely working on another page for ALL the Zubee sites.   There are over 90 of them.   This 2nd page I am making will include the sites that you have to SURF pages in order to just get the Silver, Gold and Diamond Zubee.   Obviously that takes longer to do than just logging in, but if you have the time it is worth it.   New Zubee sites are added often.

If you miss the Zubee page while suring you can write to the owner and ask them to send you the link to get the Zubee.   There are some site owners that are really good about doing that.   Some you never hear from.   LOL

On the home page for Zubee Zone there is a link that you can click on that will take you to the team page.   I urge you to join a team.   You get extra Zubees and extra percentages.   So it helps you add to your earnings.

There is also Mystery Jackpots as well as Monthly and Quarterly jackpots.   I've never won won, but the site is still new so there is plenty of time for me to win one. LOL

I honestly find that collecting the Zubees to be very profitable.   I belonged to just a handful of regular TE's for a very long time.   Earning just a few cents a day made it take months before you would reach the payout amount.   The Zubees changed all of that.   Being disabled and not making much money every month, it was a real struggle to finally reach payout.   However now I end up being able to earn money quickly through the Zubees and can cash out a lot.   And the owner pays really quickly as well.

Belonging to Zubee Zone makes it real easy to earn extra money.   You are surfing anyway on the sites so you might as well collect the Zubees since you are there anyway.   LOL

OK... I think I have remembered everything.   However, if you have any questions or do not understand anything, please don't hesitate to E:Mail me.   I'll be happy to answer ANY questions you might have.   :)